So I planned ahead for Christmas and saved syns, when it came to the day I went over. I'm not beating myself up over it, it's done and I am on operation pull back. It's habit that I have half a plate of speed food now so my dinner actually wasn't that synful, it was 7 syns to be exact. This is the first time since joining I have eaten and not been covered by saved up syns.

My problem was pudding... I had this x 2


Then I had some nibbles of party food. I well and truly synned.

Back to basics, on SP days this week and very minimal syns just so I can protect my weight loss. Not sure I can weigh at group tomorrow so I will weigh at home, fingers crossed for no damage or not much.

I got lots of enjoyment in the sales though, I walked out with lots of new clothes. I am so happy, being this size is so surreal and I still don't think things will fit me.

Some of my purchases...

Dress - Select
Boots & Jacket - New Look
Top - Primark
Belt - New Look
So now I am moving forward from my Christmas eating, the line is drawn and I am 2 days back on plan 100% I feel so much better now I am fully in control. I felt terrible eating bad food, I couldn't wait for my fruit & veg.

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