My Journey in pictures

For anyone on a weight loss journey or thinking of starting I hope these tips will help you.
  • First of all believe in yourself, believe you can do it, because you can and try not to be hard on yourself.
  • Secondly I would advise you to take pictures every half a stone or stone because the differences can be seen, you may not be able to see them yourself as you look in the mirror every day but pictures will remind you how far you have come.
  • Lastly I would say don't be afraid to try new things, I would never eat vegetables or much fruit, now my diet consists of many, a varied diet does help keep your metabolism working well.

Another bit of advice would be is don't compare yourself to others, we will all have different journeys as our bodies work in different ways, enjoy your journey xx

My Journey in pictures
It has taken a LOT of courage to post these, I will update as much as I can with my progress to show the changes. I'm showing my journey, it's real, I'm real and I know I am not perfect. I have spent YEARS overweight and carried 2 children so I know will never have the perfect body however I can do my very best to get the best version possible.
This is my journey....
10 stone loss in total - Now it's time to tone up and get fit

Day 1 of my Slimming World Journey....

Start to 7 stone loss side views
I have to date lost 5-6 dress sizes. As I loose more and up my exercise routine I will update.
8 stone loss side view 

Then and at 7 stone 6lbs loss
I finally had a shape 7 stone 8.5lbs down
8 stone loss updated picture

These are at an 8 stone loss - size 12


8 stone 13lbs loss


9.5 stone loss

10 stone loss side and front view

AT TARGET: 10 STONE LOSS in a pair of my old trousers