The day my dreams came true...(long post, go and grab a cuppa)

Where do I start?

So last Monday I went to group and had a gain of 3.5lbs deserved and enjoyed, I got off those scales and my new week began, I planned ahead swapped my meals around and was ready for the week ahead.

I managed the week well, new foods, new meals and lots of water.

Monday morning came, I got my usual weigh day clothes on, made my way to group in hope I managed to loose that gain, even 2lbs I would be happy with. I did the usual find a seat, say hello to everyone and got in the queue to pay. I still get nervous waiting to weigh even 13 months in, the next 5 minutes were a bit of a blur I just remember stepping off those scales in utter shock and actually shaking, I made my way over to my friend and there were a few tears, I really never expected to loose 8.5lbs get my 10 stone award and hit my my target.

So yeah as I write this I am 10 stone lighter and a Slimming World target member, 13 months of food optimising and here I am at the beginning of my new chapter. I'm still in shock and I look back and can't believe I have come this far, I have received so much support through my consultant, group and social media and have made some life long friends through it. Slimming World has a community of some amazing people and I am forever thankful to everyone who has played a part on my journey.

Sometimes people who don't follow the plan don't realise the importance of support, whenever I was down, struggling or had a question my consultant was always there at the end of the phone and I could always turn to my group members or social media for support, it's been a huge part of my journey.

After group Monday the day was a bit of a blur, still a bit taken back from the result and all of the kindness I received.

Tuesday it all went a bit crazy on social media, it's the standard #transformationtuesday hashtag where we all share our transformation pictures, I went ahead and shared mine, I always try a new one each week, if it helps inspire one person then I'm happy, I used this picture.

I then received a comment from Slimming World that they would be using my picture across their social media, so honoured and I really hope that my story can help inspire others to join or to keep going, it really does work it's not a quick fix so won't happen over night but you will see fantastic results if you stick with it.

I have had thousands of lovely comments and messages this week and I just want to say thank you to every single one of you, it really means a lot and I am so glad I can show others that you can achieve your dream. 13 months ago when I walked through the doors of my local Slimming World I never imagined I would be here, it didn't seem possible. It hasn't been easy, I have had to make some sacrifices but it has been worth it.

Some questions I have been asked I do hope it helps someone....

Any Tips?
  • Stick with it, there will be good weeks and bad weeks just don't give up.
  • Don't be hard on yourself if you fall off plan, you're human, happens to us all
  • Change your food around, try new recipes
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help if you're struggling
  • Vary your healthy extra choices as much as possible
  • If you don't already attend one join a group the support is amazing
  • SPEED FOOD has been the key to my weight loss and lots of it
Did you exercise?

I'm fairly active and walk lots every day, I did do some exercise through my journey but not a lot, this is something I will be focusing on now I'm at target. I did lots of 10 mile walks in the summer, I did running and some HIIT workouts I have never had a set routine for exercise though.

Do you have loose skin?

Yes I do, not excessive though. I have had 2 children and been overweight for many years so my stomach isn't ab ready, however it's not that bad, I can dress to my shape and I'm not where I was 10 stone ago. If you're worried about loose skin unfortunately we are all different, I have seen people left with none and others left with lots sadly it's something we can't predict.

Which plan do you follow?

I follow both Extra Easy and SP. I do a mix of both, I always get asked why I don't eat pasta and potatoes and this is because they bloat me and make me feel sluggish, I will slowly try and add them back into my diet but I find with Slimming World there are so many other options I never feel like I need them.

Such a long post I do apologise and a high 5 to you if you have read my rambling this far, signing off for now 10 stone lighter and a Slimming World target member eeeeeeeekkk!!!

There will be lots more blog posts, I still have to find a dress to fit into and get fit so this isn't goodbye, it's just the start of a new chapter, I will be sticking with Slimming World and in the summer I have plans to drop another 7lbs too, so I'm raising my water bottle and toasting to 'new beginnings'


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  1. An incredible achievement!! Well done! I began my new journey in January with an aim of 5 stone in 1 year. I am currently 1st 10.5lbs down and am going away next week. I am terrified of a gain, but also want to enjoy myself! Any tips would be brilliant! Thank you xx