Chocolate Orange cakes!


I love a good play around in the kitchen, today I came up with these chocolate orange cakes, Slimming World style of course.

0.5 syns each


Choc Shot (orange)
35g oats (Healthy extra B)
50ml milk (part of Healthy extra A)
3 tbsp sweetener
1 tsp of vanilla essence
1 egg


Mix oats, egg, sweetener, vanilla and milk together well

Put them into 2 cake cases, put 1 teaspoon of choc shot into the middle of each cake (0.5 syn per cake) push it down a tad and bake them for 20 mins on heat setting 200.

Very nice 'cakey' texture

It's important to point out they would be 7+ syns if not using your healthy extra choices

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