How to deal with people making judgement

I find when loosing weight this happens a lot and the best answer you can give is 'we are all different'.

I have been judged for so many things whilst on my weight loss journey, I've been told I'm not normal because I stick to plan all of the time, I've been told what I should be eating and asked why I don't eat certain things.

We are all on the same journey to the same place however the way we do things will be all be different, for example I don't eat many carbs anymore due to choice not because I want to loose weight faster, they bloat me out it's as simple as that, people don't think of that before making judgement.

I have smaller meals than some, it's what works for me and what fills me up.

I have found when you find what works for you don't stop for anyone, we will all be judged whatever we choose (sad but VERY true) carry on being amazing and working on yourself and you will get to where you want to be.

So next time someone says 'don't loose anymore weight you will look ill' or 'surely you can't be full after eating that' remind them we are all different.

I love to see others succeed and I know that being on a weight loss journey isn't easy, comments from people do hurt, don't let them get to you, you are doing your best to be the best version of you!!!


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