Stepping out of my comfort zone

For years I have been envious of people being able to wear fashionable clothes and look good, I dressed as well as I could when I was bigger but I didn't really care for fashion because I knew whatever I wore I wouldn't feel comfy in.

This weekend with all the sales on I tried on this amazing skirt in New Look & some pretty awesome boots. If someone would of said next year you will be wearing a shortish skirt with over the knee boots I would of laughed in your face, me? skirt and boots? never.

Skirt  - Link

Boots - Link

I tried loads of boots on very impressed I could get 'normal' boots over my leg but fell in love with these ones, they have some extra room on the leg perfect if I wanted to wear jeans.

So yes, that's me stepping out of my comfort zone and boy did it feel good!!

I walked away with a size 12 skirt and a pair of boots I absolutely love.