Weigh Day & Treats....

10 months on and the nerves still get me, I worry and think back over the past week.

Todays result was -1.5lbs yay! Happy me and also I got Slimmer of the Month

I often get asked do I cheat and have treat days and the answer to that is yes I have treats but within my syns. I fear if I had treat days I would fall off the wagon and I just love food, the good thing about syns is that I can have things in moderation.

Every Monday after weigh in I always make sure I have a filling dinner and I save my syns for a little chocolate treat tonight that will be a mini bag of Maltesers and a options hot chocolate totalling 7 syns.

This was tonight's dinner all free food and my healthy extra cheese. Chilli stuffed peppers and salad.