8 weeks till my 1yr Slimming World anniversary!

8 weeks to go and I have set myself a target which is close to my final weight. Exciting!!

I have 8 weigh days left and I have set myself a goal of a 9 stone loss in total, which will be near my target weight and will also bring me to a 9 stone loss in a year, how amazing would that be? I would LOVE to get there or as close to it as I can.

I have exactly 18lbs to go and I am now on a mission to get there, it would be an amazing achievement right?

So yes, here I am publicly setting myself this task.... fingers crossed

Also had a little peep at this awesome website today (they also have an app)

Model My Diet << Click here

This is then and now
This is then and target weight

As you can see it gives a great example of what you looked like, I can't wait to be that final picture! You can also adjust body type and height which is fantastic too, have a go it's great.