Happy Christmas to me....

Today I got an early Christmas present..... my 8 stone award (112 lbs). Never in a million years did I think 45 weeks into my journey I would weigh 8 stone less, target weight is in sight and I am chasing it now. I might loosen the strings a little over Christmas, I certainly won't go off plan or cheat I will make sure I enjoy my Christmas dinner and a big fat slice of cake too, I can't wait.

I asked myself when I got back from group today what an 8 stone loss meant to me? My answer... the world. I have put my all into this and I can honestly say I haven't had one cheat day, yeah I've had ice creams, yeah I have had chocolate but I think that's what has got me here today, you can still enjoy treats but stay on plan.

So what's next? I want 9 stone off then I will assess how I feel then, 9 stone is a HUGE amount of weight, a person in fact, I can't believe I carried so much weight around for so long, that's no longer me and I am SO thankful for that. I can run, exercise and do so much more.

So yeah, today I lost 4lbs and got this little beauty!!

very happy me