Christmas Plan

I need to stay in control over Christmas, it's what keeps me fully focused. I have set up a Christmas plan and I intend to stick to it, it will involve chocolate and cake too, which is pretty much what Christmas food is about right?

Christmas for me = Flexi syns - I think it's the 2nd time doing this since joining so a little nervous, I have every faith in the plan and hope it works.

EE - Extra easy plan
EESP - Extra easy SP plan

 Monday 21st - Weigh Day - on plan max 8 syns - EESP

 Tuesday 22nd - on plan meal out max 10 syns - EESP

 Wednesday 23rd - on plan max 5 syns - EESP

 Thursday 24th - on plan max 10 syns - EESP

 Friday 25th - on plan with treats max 40 syns - EE

 Saturday 26th - on plan with treats max 15 syns - EESP

 Sunday 27th - on plan max 5 syns - EESP
93/105 - for the week
I'm still within my syns and set a limit for each day, I then get weighed 28th December.

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