Size 10!!

I love a none scale victory, today I had a fabulous one. I fitted into some size 10 clothes. I know I'm not a size 10 so I won't kid myself however I know I am hovering around the size 10-12 mark now. Wow. I'm shocked, never in January a size 22-24 would I of thought that this would happen at the end of the year.

My plan now is to get into a comfy size 10, 23lbs to go till I'm where I want to be, I will be hitting the gym in January to drop some inches too.

I owe so much to Slimming World and my amazing consultant, they have helped me more than they could ever know. I have found 'me' again. I've had a really tough 12 years struggling with the fact my closest family members no longer want anything to do with me or my children (no fault of my own). I have waited after many broken promises and nothing ever happens, food was my biggest comfort.

Now I have moved forward and accepted I don't need these people in my life. I manage just fine without them. Food is still a big part of my life but in a healthier way. My confidence has grown and my whole outlook on life has changed!!

P.S ... I have this terrible habit of rolling my sleeves up as you can see! haha

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