Don't be hard on yourself

Loosing weight isn't as simple as eating and dropping the pounds. If you're on a weight loss journey or ever tried to diet you will know it's not an easy ride. So many emotions to deal with, every one has their own ones.

For me personally I have had to overcome some really bad habits, if I had a bad day before I would turn to food, if I went into the kitchen my first reaction would be to pick up bad food and not think twice. Being on a weight loss journey helps you change that, don't get be wrong it doesn't happen over night, I still have to question myself now 'is it worth it?' and 9 times out of 10 I don't do it but then there is that 1 time out of 10...

I want to talk today about if you have a bad day food wise or go slightly off plan, I want to offer some advice, some I have had to take on board myself.

  • Don't be hard on yourself - we're human and can't be angels all of the time, if a chocolate bar and a packet of crisps fall into your mouth (lets face it we all know they have legs and jump in) don't worry about it. Draw a line and move on, don't make a bad decision turn into a bad day and turn into a bad week.

  • If you happen to have a bad day start fresh tomorrow, what's done is done you need to move forward and don't beat yourself up over it.

  • Remember why you started, why you want to loose weight and how great it makes you feel.

  • One bad day or one bad week will not ruin your hard work, if you weigh heavier you will most probably be holding water weight, which will come off pretty quickly.

  • Believe in yourself, you can do it and you will do it no matter how long it takes, or no matter how many bad days you have, in the end you will get there.

  • Don't deprive yourself of anything, if you want chocolate have it but fit it into your plan that you are following.

  • Plan some treats, every day I set myself x amount of syns and I wait till whatever time of day to have them, it's something to look forward to.

  • Don't stress over food and eating. Something I have been guilty of in the past and even today.Trust in the plan you follow and have faith that it will work, the stress will more than likely lead to you binge eating << trust me I have been there.

Hope this has helped


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