My journey on week 52

In 3 days days time it will be a year since joining Slimming World. What a year it has been, Monday (2 days time) will be my 52nd weigh in. When I signed up never did I think I would get this far, I didn't know what to expect I just wanted to loose weight.

I never once set myself a target or a goal until the stones kept coming off, I then realised I could actually be a size and weight I only dreamed of.

I believed in myself and it payed off.

So here I am 8 stone 13lbs down and 1 lb away from a 9 stone loss in a year, sounds crazy when you say it like that!

What Monday holds I don't know, I would love to say 'I have lost 9 stone in a year' BUT I don't want to pressure myself and what will be will be.

So yeah... last blog update before the 52nd weigh in!

I'm just proud to get this far.


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