Questions I get asked a lot

Hey all,

I get asked lots of questions on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and in real life about my weight loss so I thought I would document them all here, it may be something you were wondering.

1. Did you exercise through your journey to loose so much weight?

Yes and No. I never went to the gym, I didn't follow any fitness plans but I did add it into my weekly plan. I walk a lot anyway, but some weeks I would do hula hooping, running, cardio and then other weeks I didn't do it. It made no difference to my losses just helped towards making me fitter and 2016 is where I am upping my game and joining a gym and focusing on HIIT workouts.

2. Do you use all of your syns?

No, I only use the syns when I need them, I don't just have them because they are there to use up. Every day without fail I have 5 syns and if I want more I will have them.

3. What's your secret?

I set mini goals and reach for them, it has helped me since day one, I don't deprive myself of anything if I want chocolate I will have it and make sure it's in my syn allowance.

4. Do you do follow the SP plan and does it help?

Yes I do, at first when I started I did extra easy every day, however as time has gone on I do more SP days. When I started the plan I wouldn't eat vegetables or fruit, now I love them. I make sure I have lots of speed food through the day with lots of protein. Does it help? Yes I think it does.

5. Do you get bored?

No, I mix my food up a lot, I'm always keen to try new things.

6. Do you have loose skin?

I would be lying if I said I didn't, I've been overweight for 10+ years and carried 2 babies so I know I will never have a flat stomach, however it could of been a lot worse. My loose skin isn't bad, I just know it's there. I will be working on my arms at the gym over the next few months so will be updating with results of that.

7 Any tips?

Stay focused, vary your food, believe in yourself and take pictures of your progress.

If there is anything I have missed out or any questions you would like to ask, ask away xx

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