Week 50

Tomorrow is my 50th weigh in, seems so long when you write it like that, 2 weeks short of a year and in that space of time my life has changed so much.

I'm still the person I was 50 weeks ago but I have confidence, I can run, exercise and I am starting to feel comfortable in my own skin and that's something that I haven't felt for so many years.

2016 is a like a new chapter, I have spent all my adult life overweight and I just got stuck in a vicious circle of eating when I was unhappy, I had so many things to be happy for and I was but there was a small part of my life which made me turn to comfort eating.

I feel in control now, Slimming World has taught me how to love proper food and make delicious meals, I make the right choices and always have treats in moderation. I think that's what I love about the plan it changes the way you think about food.

So yeah, here I am 50 weeks down the line and 8 stone 8lbs lighter, I am absolutely delighted with my progress and can't wait to see how I feel when I get to target EXCITING.

I'm 15lbs away from being a healthy weight, which is so so close compared to how far I have come, I am hoping to loose another 20lbs to feel 100% and call it my target.

Exciting times ahead, see you all on the other side of weigh in, hopefully I will of lost at least 1 lb, if not there is always next week.


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