Self Love

Loosing weight isn't about the physical changes, it's about the mental changes too. Overweight for ALL of my adult life I have never been able to 'love myself' it never even crossed my mind, I now truly believe you have to learn to love yourself. I spent from the age of 18-30 eating my way through my sadness, sometimes what you see on the outside isn't what is going on inside. I have my beautiful hubby and children and have always been so thankful for them however my life lacks close family, I have no mum and dad and watching others around me enjoy theirs is what I found hard.

I still find it hard now, but my sadness is going, I have learned to accept the way my life is and I am spending more time focusing on me, I look in the mirror and I see someone who is truly happy, it's taken me 12 years to get here.

I believe we will all reach a point during our journeys and think 'you know what I'm doing just fine, look how far I've come, I can do this'

I have reached that point now.

Don't ever be afraid to talk to people about your success, you could be inspiring them, be proud of your achievements and most of all learn to love yourself.

Stop comparing yourself to others, be patient with yourself, forgive yourself and focus on positivity.

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