The number on the scales does not define you...

So as you all know it took me 1yr to achieve a loss of 9 stone 2lbs which I was absolutely chuffed with. Since achieving that I will put my hands up and say my head hasn't been in the plan 100% which is why I have been having smaller losses, it's been a little under a month and I have only lost 3.5lbs in that space of time and today I have actually FINALLY realised that the number on the scales doesn't define us.

I know it says what we weigh but we grow as people, we have more confidence and we are learning to love ourselves, to me that means so much more than a number on the scales.

I'm away this weekend and I'm going to enjoy myself, I know a few bad choices won't ruin my hard work and now I am finally enjoying the new me.

Target is 8.5lbs away, if it takes me 3 months to get there then so be it, I'm with Slimming World for the long run now, it's my way of life and I enjoy it.

So just take a moment to remember it's a number, it doesn't define us and a weight loss journey is MUCH more than a number on the scales. Learn to love yourself, grow as a person and make positive changes.

It's not a race, it's a journey if it takes years then so be it, I let the scale take over my life at one point and it wasn't good, I was so stressed and unhappy, live your life and enjoy and most importantly be kind to yourself. xxx

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