Never be ashamed of a gain....

Today I went to group knowing I had a big gain ahead of me, I knew I had to go and face the scales so I could draw that line and move on. I had a pretty much 'off plan' week, my meals were fine it was the in between bits oh and there may have been pizza and cake involved oooops...

Before today I was ashamed if I had a gain, I felt I had a loosing streak to keep up, 12 months of constant loosing wasn't easy, I made some really tough sacrifices but by choice as I wanted this so so much.

Now I am near target, I'm really happy and I just wanted pizza and cake this week, no reason, no celebration I just had it and enjoyed.

I knew the only way forward was to face them scales, so glad I did as I got the support I needed and I can move forward and get this gain off for next week. Group support is such a big important part to my journey, you find that everyone will of been in your situation at some point, your consultant is there for you every step of the way and it's great for motivation for the week ahead.

I gained 3.5lbs which is probably 'water weight' as they say.

So, yeah here's to this week.

Pretty chuffed I got this award in group today too!!

The PERFECT start to the week ahead, now back to it and time to loose this weight.

If you find yourself having a bad week the best thing to do is to face them scales and not bury your head in the sand, it's not going to undo your hard work it's a blip and something that can be rectified, we are human after all



  1. I had a crap week last week and ate far too many things I should have, was expecting a small gain this morning but I went and put on 6lb. Am mortified!! Really annoyed with myself too but my Sw lady is so nice and she convinced me to stay to class and draw a line. so thats what I've done, hopefully this week will be a little better! Congrats on your weight loss though, you have done amazing tough!! x

  2. You are amazing, God 3.5lbs is no gain, I had a week off and gained 10lbs. Lucky you having gains like that, I often get told I'm an inspiration but you inspire me!