A few days with the Lyons family...

So hubby has been off work it's been a really eventful and SYNFUL week but you know what it was worth it, it's the first time I have properly let my hair down and enjoyed myself food wise, I guess I can now and a few lbs gain every now and then is ok. I'm never going to be 10 stone heavier and a full week on plan will get rid of that. I've had a few tears of guilt I'll be honest but this whole treating myself is a completely new chapter for me and it will take some getting used to, I will get there I am sure.

I thought I would do a bit of a different blog post, some weight loss and Slimming World included of course but I wanted to share a little bit into my life, it's not very exciting but it's a bit different to my normal every day posts.


Such a pretty place, we are so lucky we live not too far away, so we jumped on the train and took a little trip there, I wanted LOTS of pictures, I'm not afraid of them anymore and it's always nice to look back.

So this is me Kerry or Kerry-Anne as some people know me and my 2 children, Riley who is 7 and Taylor-Jayde who is 11 this week, that's the hubby Nick! I always get asked how old I am so here goes *gulp* I'm 30 (31 next month)

So many pretty shops in Stratford lots of sweet shops, cake shops and unique little gift shops. Along the river is so pretty with plenty to do and see, it's such a lovely family day out, I can't wait to go back in the summer, they also have a CHRISTMAS SHOP that is open all year round, AMAZING!!

We all had lunch by the river, I picked up these ON PLAN ready for CAAAAKE!!!

If you haven't been I would recommend it, lots of Shakespeare related things, lots of attractions too!
Did I mention CAKE yet? OH. MY they were AMAZING!


Since loosing weight I have a new passion.... SHOPPING!!!
We took a little trip to out local shopping centre for lunch and to take a look in the shops, I am always drawn to River Island, I LOVE that place, when they have a sale on well.... it's never good for the bank balance. I picked up a few pretties.

Can't beat lunch at the Harvester, Skinny chicken with skin removed, 2 rolls and 3 bowls of salad haha! All ON PLAN so winning, right?

Date Night

Me and the hubby decided to go to out local Chinese buffet, I text my consultant to tell her as I did feel a bit of guilt, I then thought I have been super good for a whole year and I've lost more weight than I actually weigh so why not, it's not going to make me gain it all back is it?

Out came the new pretty top!

Even after loosing 10 stone I can still eat like a man, yep! 3 HUGE plates of food and 3 HUGE plates of dessert, it was all fun and games until I couldn't walk home, I actually thought I was going to burst.


The day after the night before, I chose to eat off plan and I couldn't help but feel guilty. I'm finding it really hard at the moment I'll be honest, I am enjoying life as a target member and love the fact I can loosen the reigns a little but I need to learn that it's ok to not be 100% all of the time. I think I am programmed into 'weight loss mode' as soon as I step out of it I seem to loose control emotionally a little, I get lost and be really hard on myself. This is something I need to work on, I need to learn to be kind to myself and stop being so hard on myself too, so many beautiful words from people over on Instagram really helped me get through that guilt and I am SO thankful, for now it's work in progress and I promise I am working on it.


I need to work on my guilt emotions but other than that I had an amazing few days, it's not always just about the weight you loose it's also about the life you gain. I would never have pictures taken willingly, I would never go into a cake shop all smiley, I always would think everyone was looking at the 'fat girl' same at the Chinese buffet, small things make such a difference. I'm so glad I made the choice of joining Slimming World, my kiddies and hubby deserved more than me being overweight and unhappy.

Such a lovely few family days roll on the summer.

Unhappy vs Happy, you can tell by the body language.....

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  1. You've done an amazing job, you look fantastic, I can honestly say you've inspired me, hopefully I can stick to the plan and achieve some of the things you have.
    Thanks for sharing your story
    Siobhan x