London & Weight Gain

So I went to London with my husband I declared it 'off plan' I enjoyed the things I didn't have for 13 months, I went over the top not going to lie, I ate for the fun of it, think of everything bad for you, yep I ate it even when I wasn't hungry.

Will I ever do it again? No - This was a one off for sure, I went way over the top and it isn't big or clever it was a case of 'I'm off plan lets shove all the food I can in my mouth' that's not a healthy state of mind however I felt I needed it as crazy as that sounds, it's done and I drew the line as soon as I got home which I am proud off, I'm still in control.

Did I feel guilty? Nope

Did I put weight on? Yep, what did I expect after being a complete pig!

Remember the majority of a gain isn't fat, it's 'water weight'


Monday: 13.5lbs over target
Tuesday: 10 lbs over target
Wednesday: 7.5lbs over target
Thursday: 7lbs over target
Friday: 6lbs over target
Saturday: 5.5lbs over target
Sunday: 4lbs over target
Monday: 2lbs over target

What did I do?

  • Food optimised 100%
  • 5 syns a day
  • LOTS of water & green tea
  • Exercise
What now? Carry on with food optimising, don't stress and enjoy life, simple as that.

I looked at the bigger picture and I will never be 10 stone heavier I am 100% in control.

My adventure

First break away without the children, early birthday present for me and it was our wedding anniversary.

So where do I start? We got the coach from Birmingham, absolute bargain of £25 return, National Express really have changed, leather seats, lots of room and you can charge your phone WINNING!

We booked to stay at The Doubletree by Hilton, located next to The Tower of London, absolutely fantastic location, stunning hotel with a rooftop bar with amazing views.
We got there really early but they let us check in at 10am as they had a room and greeted us with warm cookies, who turns down a warm cookie? NOT ME!
The room was beautiful, really spacious and equipped with a fridge, lovely selection of tea/coffee and water. The best feature was the Apple iMac, first thing we did was Skype our kiddies, such a good feature.

Can I point out how AMAZING the breakfast is at this place? WOW. Buffet style and wow what a buffet, huge variety of cooked food, huge variety of cereal, porridge, fruit, toppings, juice then muffins, jam, croissants the works! I even had waffles and whipped cream! AMAZING.

I won't bore you with every detail but we went to loads of places, soaked up the London atmosphere and had the most amazing time.

The week after.....

I lost a further 5.5lbs and was sitting comfy in target - CHUFFED

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