There's a first time for everything...

So tomorrow I am going 'off plan' for the weekend, celebrating my wedding anniversary and my birthday. Going off plan is something I have never done, but I have told myself it's OK!!. When loosing weight I even stayed 100% on plan when I went on holiday but you know what it was worth it, it got me to where I am today.

I have a plan of action in place...

  • Enjoy myself and DON'T feel guilty
  • Walk where I can instead of the tube
  • Use the hotel gym
The breakfast is a buffet style one (uh oh) this means... sausages, bread, cakes etc but I will be eating without feeling guilty, we have also booked a table at the most amazing BBQ food place too!!

Now at target I can relax a little, I know I will gain weight but I know I can put the steps in place to get back into target, I don't want to spend my life stressing over scales, I'm going to enjoy some 'balance'

For now... BRING ON THE FOOD!!

I will do an updated blog with lots of pictures when I am home. I am also taking my Fitbit to track my steps and activity, gym wear is packed.

Toodles for now


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  1. Ah hun you've done amazingly well! Don't think of it as going off plan. Just think of it as being normal. A naturally skinny person would enjoy the weekend and move straight on Monday with no guilt and no restrictions. It might just be me but saying off plan usually sends me spinning in a whirlwind and makes the situation worse! Have a fab weekend x