10 stone loss in pictures - YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED

Hi guys!! Just a little update from me, had lots of questions lately so doing a blog post to cover it all

I took pictures along the way, it really helped see my progress as sometimes we can't always see. I often get asked many questions about my weight loss so I am hoping I can cover some here....

How did you loose so quick?
I stuck to plan every week, I didn't go over syns or have a cheat night, have faith in the plan it really works.

How did you stay motivated?
I was doing it for me, I was my own motivation, I just pushed myself for the results I wanted

Do you have loose skin?
Yes I do, however it can be covered with clothes, toned in the gym and worked on. I would much rather have some loose skin than be 10 stone heavier, I get SO many messages saying people are worried about the loose skin... DON'T BE!!

Lots of water, speed food, change your food and healthy extras as much as possible

Did you exercise?
Honestly, not really. I'm fairly active anyway but the exercise started once I hit target.

Would you be a Slimming World consultant?
I get asked this often, the answer is no, it's not for me. I love attending group and helping out but I like sitting down through image therapy, I couldn't stand there in front of people and try to motivate them, I haven't got it in me I don't think. I'm very happy as a member.

Did you eat all your syns?
It varied from day to day, nothing was off the menu, some days I had 5 and some 15 I just went with the flow.

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  1. This is my first week and I am loving it. I have 7stone to lose in total and if I stick to plan I know I can do it. I have read a few of your posts and they have really motivated me. Well done on the 10st loss, what an achievement! Xx