Fitbit update....

I've been a busy bee, it's me and my Fitbit against the world every day, I love it! It keeps me on track and keeps me going seeing them numbers go up.

I've recently joined a new gym and I have been mostly using my Charge HR model, which can I just say is brilliant, it tracks steps and workouts along with your heart rate.

So where do I start? Lets start with measurements...

Since I have started using my Fitbit models, they have encouraged me to move more as well as exercise, so the results are in...

Waist - (-4 inches)
Thighs - (-1 inch per thigh)
Bust - (-2 inches)
Hips - (-2 inches)

I'm CHUFFED, my weight has remained the same, it just shows that moving more pays off! I feel smaller, in fact I feel great, so much more energy.

This is THEN and NOW

10 stone heavier and NOW which is 10 stone lighter plus my Fitbit results, my aim is to tone up and it's working!


I joined a new gym, I was a member of a previous gym but just didn't find the time to go, I woke up one day and had a word with myself, the home workouts were fab but they just were not giving me the results I wanted, I wanted to push myself that little bit harder.

So it has been me my Fitbit Charger HR, and my Fitbit accessories of course!!

I've been doing some cardio, arm and leg work.

I've taken this shot just from my leg work.... using Charge HR model

Out of the gym

I'm still moving more and tracking exercise, I thought the stats from mowing the lawn were quite interesting, it was a hot day and the grass was pretty long but it just goes to show...

The day I mowed the lawn it was leg day at the gym, I did lots of gardening and I really didn't stop moving, I had some great stats from that day....


It's been such a crazy few months, reaching my goal weight and working on me through fitness. I've never felt better, I have so much more energy, so much more motivation and I love working on myself for myself. Fitbit is such a fab device it motivates me so much every single day, it's pushed me to reach for them goals, move more and become fitter. I can't wait to see where I am in another few months.

A mid afternoon stroll with the children in the park and I was already over 20k...

I feel like a new person - Thank you Fitbit!!!!

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