How I dealt with my gain

Not going to lie it was a huge shock but instead of beating myself up I knew the only way to fix it was to put the steps into place to get me back to target.

I enjoyed every single mouthful of naughty food I had...

What I did:
  • No carbs, however I didn't do SP days as I love yogurt
  • Half a plate of speed food with each meal
  • 4 litres of water a day
  • 2/3 green teas a day
  • exercise
  • no more than 5 syns a day (used on sauces, nuts, seeds - no crisps, biscuits or crisps)
There's no secret in the fact that I can loose big I didn't expect to loose it this fast though.

I didn't go hungry, I just chose food wisely and used the tools that Slimming World offer.

Healthy extras were used every day but I made sure I mixed them up.

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  1. I have followed you on instagram for ages and love your stuff on there! I can already tell that your blog is going to become my new favourite read!