Reflecting on the past 45 weeks...

It's like I have gone back 13 years in time, to when I was this size, I have forgotten what it felt like to feel good in clothes and actually have a choice in what I wear.

I look in the mirror now and ask myself 'Is that me?' I feel 10 years younger!

I'm around 23lbs from my target weight, maybe more I won't know till I get there. I am on mission size 10. Currently a size 12 and I am so close, today I fitted into a size 10 and boy it felt good. I'm not kidding myself thinking I am that size now because I know I am not but I am that little bit closer and I really can't wait.

Almost there...the previous size 22 me is screaming inside, it's all new to me, being unhappy for so long does have it's emotional baggage and it's hard to finally accept the new me. I am in denial still... it's crazy!

In 45 weeks my whole life has changed, I feel ready for 2016 and I have lots of exciting things lined up, this blog will be very busy and updated a lot.

Every week the dedication has been worth it to get these results, I am proud that I can say no, I can make healthier choices and I can make myself a better person. The support network that Slimming World offers is simply amazing, I have a fantastic consultant and have made so many friends, people that understand the struggles and that brings us closer as we can support each other.

In January I am joining the gym ready to tone up and drop some inches, I have to work on my arms, I have been pretty lucky loosing 8 stone hasn't left me with lots of loose skin. I need to work on my arms, thighs and stomach, never thought I would say this but I can't wait to join the gym!