Week 46

I couldn't make weigh in today (SO frustrating) I had to wait in for a parcel. Group is a massive part of my journey and feels strange not going, it's where I get my motivation for the week ahead, this week I have had to find it in me to do it and I will.

I had a look back today and compared pictures which I love doing, shows me how far I have come. Had some fab news that the group I attend is moving to the local leisure centre, this means I can work on my body in the new year. I really want to tone up the closer I get to target, my problem area is my middle area, my 'mummy tummy' as I call it. 23lbs to go and plenty of gym sessions, exciting as 23lbs seems so close.

I'm not afraid to post these pictures anymore, I just hope it can help someone else and prove it can be done without fad diets just a lifestyle change!


Then and now (8 stone - 112lbs loss)

Whilst I'm here.... tonight's dinner


  1. fab photos you inspirational lady. X

  2. Absolutely amazing Kerry really well done you look amazing, keep it up xxx

  3. You are simply fab. You look so heathy and well. Well done to you.