Happy & Confident

There is so much more to loosing weight, it's about the life you gain. It sounds cheesy but it's so true! Would I wear a playsuit before? Hell no and I certainly wouldn't wear bright lipstick!

I'm 31 next month and I spent all of my 20s overweight so it's time to enjoy wearing nice things, I just hope someone will tell me if I am 'too old' to wear something haha!

Maintaining at target

I thought I would do a little update on how I am finding it a few weeks in, the best thing is it's SO nice to relax a little, I really powered through my weight loss journey and I have no regrets about it at all, however I made a lot of sacrifices to get the result I wanted, so I am now enjoying the little things I didn't have.

I have learnt to 'balance' if I want some cake I will, in moderation and in my syns, straight back on it after, seems to be working ok. My weight hasn't been bang on the target weight every week, I think that would be hard it has been up and down but I have realised it's ok, weight will fluctuate but as long as I am in control and in target range that's all that matters. At the moment the way I feel life is amazing!! Slimming World has changed my world.

Some snaps from the weekend....

Same person, 2 family parties and 10 stone difference. See the body language? You can tell I am nervous, ashamed and unsure in the first one.

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