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Hey guys,

Since my last blog post about my struggles I have felt so much better, I've been plodding on food wise with a good balance, had a weekend away involving lots of bad food and alcohol (oops) and just pretty much maintained where I am at. I've learnt not to be hard on myself anymore, I don't stress over eating carbs (yes I got to a point where I was scared to eat them in case I gained weight) I just look back and I feel grateful I have overcome a dark place I was in.

So what now?
I need to up my game, still not happy where I am, I need to snap into weight loss mode, not plodding on mode(minus the scales) I know what to do and I have set some rules for myself to which I will stick by, well just the one rule really 'LIVE YOUR LIFE ASWELL' I learnt the hard way and deprived myself for 13 months, if it takes me a year to get where I want to be then you know what so be it, it's a journey not a race.

Something I must improve on, I have a gym membership so I need to use it as when I go I love it and can smash a really good session, booking in for some classes this week, HELP!!

So I have 1 month to prepare myself for a 10k run, no pressure Kez, no pressure, do I panic yet? I'm not a runner at all. I much prefer other things however it's a goal, a focus and something I am determined to do, any tips for me to help me along? The last run I did was 5k I think within 3 minutes I was shouting 'I'm dying' ... 'I'm dead'... 'Save me' erm and I'm not even joking!! How I managed it and an inflatable obstacle course after I do not know... LOL

The 10k is in a big hilly park, erm... so yeah, kind of jumped in at the deep end here haven't I? I'll be the one at the back, red sweaty and probably shouting that I'm dying again. I'm not doing it against the clock though I'm doing it so I can focus on something and achieve something. I enjoy doing things I would never of done before, like I randomly got a tattoo last weekend, I just said to myself 'I'm going to do something random today'

I like being random and doing spontaneous things, I've booked in to give blood in 3 weeks, booked in for a piercing and I'm even signing back up to uni (even if my documents got lost in the post and I have to wait again) but yeah the way I see it now is life is for living I want to enjoy it and do crazy things!

So this is the fun bit....

I've had my little devices for a while now LOVE THEM I've gone from someone who didn't know what a cross trainer was to someone who loves walking and when I go to the gym I can smash an hours hard work, so I need to get back there and sort it!!

Fitbit's are brilliant little gadgets that encourage you to move more, lots of choices and lots of different features.

Features include from different models: Sleep tracking, workout tracking, heartbeat monitor, on screen work outs, caller ID, swim proof, clock and SO much more. Something for everyone for every budget.

Check out what features you'd like on yours here:


What I use my fitbits for: (you can have more than one per account)

Alta - Every day use, step tracking, sends me my texts, move alarm and it looks really pretty, you can change the straps too.

One - Little gadget to fit in your pocket, perfect for counting them steps

Charge HR - Tracking my workouts, heart rate, calories burnt, distance - perfect for running and the gym.

Challenge - Starting Monday 26th
I need a challenge, does anyone fancy jumping on it with me? 20k steps a day for 4 weeks in a row

my fitbit name is targetlittleblackdress@gmail.com

drop me a message and we can all join in a challenge to get moving and get fit, we can check in with each other to see how we are all getting on, spur each other on, think of Christmas and those party outfits.

 I want to feel at my best it's been a while!!!

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