Dealing with Christmas...

So what did I do? Erm... I ate all the food. Hello miss piggy, oh yep that's me. There's a song that's pretty apt 'they see me rollin'' oh yep I rolled alright. I ate because it was Christmas and because well why not eh?

However I've changed in many ways, so last Christmas I was stressing and counting my syns this year I was like you know what just roll with it Kez and enjoy. I did just that, my relationship towards food has changed so much.

I mean once you find the right balance you're laughing right? Wrong. The happier you become and the more relaxed you get with food the harder it is to get back on it. Well for me anyway. It's always one more chocolate one more crisp. When I was on it last year loosing my weight I was like this untouchable slimming world machine who did no wrong now I'm like a slimming world rebel.

I've maintained my weight for like 2 ish months months now, why couldn't I do that at target? Well I think the weight wasn't manageable for me, I've a new target in mind but will I ever snap out of this relaxed mode? I'm doing no damage but I'm doing no good either.

Any advice guys? I need that mojo I once had, I need the kezza flame. Is it because I'm enjoying life? Is it because I'm happier with myself? I don't know, wish I knew. All I know is I need to lose weight as I'm not 100% happy, just not sure I'll ever get there like.


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  1. It's because you done it so quickly hon and you look amazing! You are no longer that miserable chubby girl. You tend to get caught up in all the compliiments you recieve on a daily basis which makes you feel amazing! Well I know I did when I reached target! Unfortunately for me I couldn't maintain as I had a traumatic experience and instantly turned to food and piled the weight back on. I regret that so much as I still struggle on a daily basis trying to.lose weight and I think I always will. You no longer have that same motivation because the weight issue is not there. You only have a few stone to go as opposed to the 10 you initally started with. You need to try and find a new motivation but only you can discover what that is. You can beat this Kez you have lost 10 stone be proud of what you achieved xxxx you are an inspiration xxx I totally understand all your struggles x take care Juliet