New year new me crap...

Yep I said it and yep I said crap!

I've weighed I know where I am and I'm riding solo following Slimming World. See if I can do it, see if I have that willpower in me. I won't weigh now until the end of January, it's going to help me I just know it.

I'm a daily weigher, a nightmare in fact. Yet I know weighing at the end of January will boost me, will give me a kick. I want at least 14lbs off, I need that massive boost to prove to myself I can do it. Looking at old pictures last night come on what happened to me? Oh wait.. food happened, life happened but yeah I'll say that word again it happens.

Life is for living and any weight gain is temporary if we know we can sort it out. I want to feel good about myself, I want to be able to wear clothes I've got sat in my wardrobe.

If I'm cheating anyone it's myself, I need to do this for me, for my mind, for my happiness. There is no pressure but I'm so ready to absolute go all out for this. I need to feel better about myself now, for my sanity and happiness.

3 blog posts in a week. I talk a lot.

Sorry about me

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