I'm the first to hold my hands up and say how unfit I am, I never liked P.E at school, hated the gym and well lets be honest nothing has changed.

This is now my next step, I need to improve my fitness and I will be working out a lot. I need something new to focus on when I get to goal.

Here's what I want to do:

Tone arms
Tone legs
Tone middle area

Has anyone got any tips? What equipment would I need to use at the gym and at home? I really have NO clue, it's all new to me.

I've been reading up about working out and nutrition, am I right in thinking Protein is the key after a work out? HELP?!

I can't believe how I am openly admitting how unfit I am.... *embarrassed much* though we all need to start somewhere don't we? I would love to be able to show a little more flesh than usual come summer time.

Thanks for reading all, ALL advice welcome haha!!



  1. I would definitely recommend booking an appointment at your local gym to make a work out routine - most gyms offer this service. They'll help you with a routine that's right for you and you'll probably see much better results than going alone. Finding a gym buddy is also good. I used to work out alone on the machines and had no progress, now I work out with a friend doing weightlifting and running and it's the first time I've actually seen progress! Love reading your blog, it's so inspiring! Xxx

    1. Target Little Black Dress18 February 2016 at 01:54

      Ahh thankyou Ellie, I really appreciate it xx